Erasmus+ Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practicesStrategic Partnerships for adult education  Key Action 1 (2016-1-PT01-KA202-022826)

The Challenge

  • TOUR4ALL aims at developing a Training module about accessible tourism to be included in National curricula for Tourism VET courses. TOUR4ALL is all tourism professionals will be better equipped and prepared to deal with issues such as accessibility and inclusion, as enhancers of the touristic experience. Therefore, important to upgrade the qualifications and abilities of future tourism professionals, so as these professionals can deliver their services in appropriates ways.

  • With suitable training, TOUR4ALL will offer, future tourism professionals, currently attending VET education, can make disabled & senior guests feel welcome & can even overcome some of the physical & functional barriers that are still present in older buildings & environments.


 The Outputs

  • Champions of accessibility, using the online network/forum
  • Integration of new practices, in particular in hospitality and tourism
  • A standard module for accessibility in hospitality and tourism curriculum which could be applied anywhere in Europe
  • An EU certificate as standard; an individual with this certificate should be regarded as an asset by their or potential employer
  • Creation of a new market thank to older people who travel out-of-season
  • Awareness raised across all partners, their colleagues, teachers, other learners; training courses will be marketed. Learners on all of 3 modules - tourism and hospitality students, entrepreneurial courses, accessibility awareness seminars and workshops
  • People will be trained in accessibility; added to equality and diversity curriculum for all training providers
  • Entrepreneurs opening new markets; economic development for the city, area, region
  • Modular course created and open online access at various levels, to the several modules
  • Online network/forum created
  • Quality mark and label; visibility and start of usage; to be continued as a sustainable output
  • Confidence raised by AccAdvisor, app which provide fair information and evaluation
  • Customer and service curriculum adapted to include accessibility awareness
  • Economic sector increased to include Accessible Tourism
  • Acc Advisor, Quality Review system
  • App (web and/or mobile)

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