The project supports the incorporation of ecological, economic and social sustainability in vocational education and training through qualification and sensitisation of VET learners and staff in the context of learning mobilities. Especially within VET, its aim is to prepare the learners for a labour market that is more and more characterised by sustainable development.

Go abroad for a learning mobility and act for sustainability!

Scouts for GreenApprenticeship

Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training



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About the project

Apprentices are the skilled workers of tomorrow, whose future must be made more sustainable and climate-friendly together and to provide them with skills that they can use for a long-term sustainable professional life. The VET learners and with them the VET system need to be already adapted to the labour market to come.

The direct integration of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into cross-border in-company training practice, the linking of VET mobilities with the proactive promotion of green skills and competences as a sustainable and "formal" component of recognised learning outcomes is our declared goal. In order to achieve this goal, innovative solutions and motivation concepts are needed to interest and integrate learners and personnel. 

With our planned project activities, we address directly the EU priority "Environment and fight against climate change" through active actions, awareness raising, engagement and implementation of SDG´s in future oriented European WBL and VET Mobility. Using the project's results users will not only have deeper knowledge but be better equipped to take action for a more sustianable future

Hartmut Schäfer

Head of Department 

International / National VET Team


Anna-Carina Mohrholz

Project Management International

ERASMUS+ Cooperation Partnerships


Project design

Curriculum "Scout for GreenApprenticeship - Micro Credentials for Sustainable Development in VET

The Curriculum is the didactic, methodical and practical framework for the Scouts4GreenApp education programme. It is applicable for the VET learners as well as VET staff and divides the journey of Green Apprenticeship with the extent of 10-20 teaching units including a supporting part for sending and receiving company.

Digital Credentials "Scout for GreenApprenticeship - SDG in VET

The main objective of this work package is the creation of a progressive web application that accompanies the VET learners before, during and after their mobility through the transfer of knowledge and activities on sustainable development.

EU SDG Challenge Award "Scout for GreenApprenticeship"

The main result  is the implementation of a competition of concepts for VET learners’ projects to strengthen the sustainability before, during and after a work placement abroad.

How will you benefit from it?

The project provides a valuable contribution to the improvement of local communities and individual growth. The challenge-based approach to environmental learning with a VET background raises learners’ awareness of the importance of environmentally-friendly actions, green industries, VET careers and healthy choices in the fight for climate protection. As the situation of VET learning varies between countries and cultures, individual local aspects are considered. Through the Scouts4GreenApp project results, local training institutions working with the beneficiaries have a tool which fosters interest and knowledge about VET with a green background. As this is equally important everywhere, the projects offers great tools to unite and educate local communities.

On a regional level, the Scouts4GreenApp tools are relevant for regional organisations working with the target groups. Additionally, the project partnership expects to achieve an impact on creating a better general understanding of the importance of environmental awareness in VET professions, as well as among regional policy makers. The innovative approach applied in the Scouts4GreenApp project raises awareness for important issues concerning climate change, green industries, and green entrepreneurship and opens the gate to reach a large number of institutions and individuals.

Scouts for GreenApprenticeship

ERASMUS+ KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training
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Scouts for GreenApprenticeship

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Scouts for GreenApprenticeship

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