DUALVET - Transfer of successful structures and guidance for implementing the dual VET system. Training company trainers.

LdV Transfer of Innovation (2013-1-ES1-LEO05-66544)

The Challenge

According to information from the European Commission, a quarter of 14 to 25 year-olds in Europe are unemployed. In November 2012 5.799 million young people (under 25) were unemployed in the EU-27, the youth unemployment rate was 24.4 % in the Euro area. The lowest rates were observed in Germany (8,1 %) and Austria (9,0 %). Spain has the secon highest rate, 56,5 %, followed by Portugal with 38,7 %. The value of teh Dual Training Systems in reducing youth unemployment, facilitating the transition from learning to employment and responding to the skills needs of labour market is strongly acknowledged. The promotion of dual training is a central goal in in European cooperation and this project also contributed to achieve it by sensitizing society on the attractiveness on qualified vocational education and training as dual VET system for employment; involving policy makers and Public Authorities in the development of the project to guarantee the acknowledgement of of the advantages of this system; and wining enterprises'  support for dual based training.

But our main objective was to implement a real transfer of experienced knowledge on dual training systems from experienced players from Germany and Austria to Spain and Portugal focused on training company trainers on transversal skills and coompetences. Because workers, who will become in the nearest future the educators and trainers of the future apprentices and trainees need to learn to teach and need to be trained on communicative, methodological and personal competences.

The Outputs

  • A model manual of general importance on how to the training during the dual training in Portugal and Spain
  • Two practical guides for companies on how to conduct dual training in their companies related to professions of two activity sectors: automotive and tourism.
  • A model manual on key questions and special requirements for instructors which take apprentices
  • A practical guide for instructors on transversal skills and competences
  • A pilot training action on transversal skills and competences


    The Consortium

    Apart the institutional framework, chambers of ommere and industry, training providers and companies are the key actors of the Dual System of vocational training. The partnership of the project was therefore composed by chambers of commerce and traning providers. Companies were represented from the very beginning of the project by a "Pilot group of companies".

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