About the project

Work-based learning (WBL) is an integral part of professional life in all European countries. However, quality assessments vary widely between countries, regions, systems and companies.

Even if the quality assurance of work-based learning has a high priority in companies, this is not always successfully implemented. Theory and research such as the guideline "European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training" from 2012 are sometimes too complex and too far removed from practice for integration into everyday work.

Against this background, the WBL-Q project has been developed to determine the existing quality level, to develop potential for improvement at decisive levels and to monitor its implementation.


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Do you also want to measure and improve the quality of your in-company training and further education? Then we look forward to you contacting the International Team of the IHK-PG.


How do you benefit from this?

WBL plays an important role in the education system in Germany. It is not for nothing that we are a role model for many countries. In order to be well positioned here in the future, it is important to regularly check the quality and adjust it if necessary.

As an entrepreneur or person responsible for training, participate in the development of the instruments so that they are optimally adapted to practice and immediately ready for use, so that you can offer the best quality in comparison with other companies.

Work-Based Learning Quality (WBL-Q)

From EQAVET principles (building blocks) to real quality in WBL on business and company level - self-evaluation, audit and continuous improvement.

Coordinator: Verein Auxilium (AT)