Work-based-learning in a digital age – promoting digital competences for better employability and innovation

Erasmus+ 2017-1-DE02-KA202-004185

The Challenge

Big companies already responded to digitalization creating a new VET profile "Chief Digital Officer", who is responsible for the adoption of digital technologies across a business. SMEs are also caught between the increasing digitalization of the world of work and the expectations placed on them, in terms of productivity and innovation.

As they are driven by daily business they often lack time and resources to strategically deal with digital challenges. For that reason they need an employee who is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to accompany their digital transformation starting with the digital competences of staff.

He/she should be able to:

- raise the awareness of staff what digitalization requires of them and why
- actively use informal learning at the workplace with ICT (work-based-learning 4.0)
- assess existing digital competences of staff with DigComp
  propose means to improve digital competences of staff according to their needs.

Therefore we will develop a training course and facilitating means targeted to "digital competence promoters" in SMEs. This person is considered to be an commited employee who knows daily working routines rather than an expert in this field. It can be a head of department, a team leader or a digital competent member of staff. Since the promoter might be commited but not an expert he needs a concrete training to be able to fulfill his tasks with high utility value and quality.

The Outputs:

Internationale Projekte

White paper „Learning in a digital age – a job related approach

Guidelines “Digital competence promoter”

DC4WORK Toolbox 4.0


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