About the project

Mobile working, home office, teleworking. Regardless of the name and design, work outside the office is becoming increasingly popular. This is where the REMOTE CTRL project starts. It imparts skills and attributes to employers and employees to enable them to adopt mobile work or flexible working methods. In this way, they can fully exploit their potential in the increasingly digitalised economy.

The various  bespoke training resources,  tailored to  the needs of employers, employees  as well as coaches and trainers in the field of mobile working, involve all stakeholders. The project will support educational staff, company owners and managers, as well as individual employees, in the first steps towards mobile work in order to reshape their social, societal and professional lives.

More information about the project on and on Facebook @remotectrlproject

Do you have any needs or ideas for implementation? We look forward to you contacting the International Team of the IHK-PG.

Anna-Carina Mohrholz

Project Management International

ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships

Tel.: +49 335 56 21 2106


How do you benefit from this?

Many people are now familiar with mobile working thanks to the Covid19 pandemic. But how can this become a permanent model that takes into account the interests of all parties involved? Company owners and executives learn how to find a suitable model for their company.

As an employee, you do not know exactly how to integrate the new events into your professional and private life? We support you with our own toolkit.

Trainers can also use our program to better find their way around the digitized world of work and to optimally support both groups.

Building Skills and Attributes for Remote Working (REMOTE-CTRL)

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