About the project

Soft skills, in other words social and personal competences, make us unique as humans. It is not sufficient anymore just to have the mere technical skills for a job. What is requested is the appropriate combination of soft skills and technical skills.

Several studies have shown that so called "Future Hot Skills" like adaptability, creativity and teamwork are highly requested on the labor market (see CEDEFOP: Skills in online job advertisements). The project offers guidance for young applicants discovering their soft skills as well as exercises how to present yourself in an adequate way towards the employer in a working world that has become more and more digitalized.

Find further information about the project at  and on Facebook @younique4eu .

Do you have any requirements or ideas for the implementation? We would be pleased, if you would make contact with the Team International of the IHK-PG.

Hartmut Schaefer

Project Management International 

ERASMUS+ Stategic Partnerships

Tel.: +49 335 56 21 2100

YOUNIQUE4EU Project results

How will you benefit from it?

You are right within an application process for a traineeship, an internship or a job – nationally or abroad? Your soft skills, which means your personal and social strengths, make yourself unique and differentiate you from other applicants. We invite you to try out our Mapping Tools (exploration of your soft skills). Feel also free to use our online exercises to keep yourself up to date regarding the topic "Soft Skills in your Application".

You are a teacher, trainer or you have something to do with recruiting? In our handbook you will get to know how to support your pupils or learners in their application process and get insights into the topic e-recruiting as an enterprise.


Mapping and presenting your unique personal and social competences for better employability in a digital world

Coordinator: IHK-Projektgesellschaft

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