About the project

Crises like the current SARS-CoV-19 pandemic show how fragile the economic systems can be including an impact on the education and training level. Contrary to school-based education work based learning came to a halt. Companies all over Europe struggled to maintain their apprenticeship training, internship programmes etc. Until now no strategy exists to tackle this problem. There is no infrastructure for virtualisation and distance work based learning with the involved staff also lacking competences.

The project therefore aims at developing digital-pedagogical competences as well as digital infrastructure to virtualise WBL content in companies. In doing so they will be better prepared for any force majeure events hindering face to face and presence learning in WBL in companies and businesses in the future.

More information about the project on and on Facebook @wblgoesvirtual.

Do you want to learn more about how you can ensure a successful remote work based learning? Then we look forward to you contacting the International Team of the IHK-PG.


Anna-Carina Mohrholz

Project Management International

ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships

Tel.: +49 335 56 21 2106


How do you benefit from this?

WBL plays an important role in the education system in Germany. With crises like the Covid-19 pandemic the traditional system is at risk. With our training programme and toolkit companies are equipped to move to virtual and long-distance training.

As an in-company trainer or person responsible for WBL, test and develop the tool with us and have exactly what you need at hand when the world is turned upside down again.


Virtualisation of work-based learning – challenges, tools, competences:

Coordinator: Verein Auxilium (AT)

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