About the project

Escape2Stay Rooms are primarily designed to motivate students for various vocational training paths such as mechatronics, electronics, or the hospitality sector trough a fun game. In the Escape Room, students work through theoretical and practical aspects of vocational orientation.  It is to be used as a new motivating and playful highlight.

The settings of Escape2Stay Rooms aim to raise awareness and to introduce and familiarize participants with Vocational Training.
Another very important aim is to promote soft skills such as team building and leadership. During the whole game there are interrelations between so-called “21st century skills” (Cruz, 2019) and various vocational training paths.

In this context our Escape2Stay Rooms should stimulate collaboratively the participants´ ability to out-of-the-box thinking, fostering critical thinking and creativity. There is no prior knowledge of the participants or Game Master/school staff required.


"You never fail until you stop trying"

Albert Einstein


Hartmut Schäfer

Head of Department 

Higher Vocational Education & International
National Team VET Experts

Tel.: +49 (0)335 56 21 2100


  • We are online!: Website ESCAPE2STAY
  • White Paper "What makes vocational training attractive?" - Improving the image of VET with effective educational Escape rooms ready for download

How will you benefit from it?

Escape Rooms are popular, funny and make curious. So why not making use of this potential for professional orientation or training marketing? For example in school events or as a company at fairs? This is how you can attract potential trainees and at the same time observe their strengths in relation to the training profession offered. You can benefit from the creativity of our partner institutions everywhere within the EU.

All in all we have 5 Escape Room Settings that are being finished by our project partners from 4 different countries in 2022. There will be for sure at least one which you will be able to recreate by yourself or which you can adapt according to your requirements. Do you want us to keep you up to date or do you have ideas in regards to the development of an Escape Room?
Feel free to contact the Team International of the IHK-Projektgesellschaft.


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