Skills#EU - Learning Mobility - Opening European Minds

Erasmus+ - Youth in Action - Key Action 2 (2015-3-DE04-KA205-013135)


The Challenge

With the VET learning mobility programme of Erasmus+ a great number of young trainees between 18 and 25 have the chance to live and work in another European country for several weeks. The mobility experience shall awake their enthusiasm for their hosting country and add a European perspective both to their professional career as well as their personal life. The overall objective of the Skills#EU project is to add non-formal civic eductation components to their training which are related to the societal, political, and cultural context of the hosting country and Europe in gerneral. Currently, this element is largely missing. Therefore, the first target group are trainees who are participating in Erasmus+ VET mobility programmes. Second, the project targets trainers of these exchange students who shall be equipped with an apparatus to provide their trainees with these European skills.


The Outputs

  • First, project partners are performing a study about the missing components of the VET mobility programmes. 
  • Second, trainers of institutions receiving exchange students are presented the results of the study, are discussing and elaborating possibilities how to integrate these missing components in their educational offer.
  • Third, trainers are piloting newly developed methods and include them in their curricula for gathering first experiences.
  • The fourth element is an web-based portal which serves as a central information and meeting point for both the trainers and the trainees.

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