Bridging the gap between VET and business:

Modern talent management 4.0 for SMEs in Europe

WKO Steiermark
Austria 2018-2020 

Talent 4.0

The Challenge:

European companies do hardly use active talent management in their human resources policies at least not on a strategic level, however, the term “war for talents” is ubiquitous. European businesses (no matter which size) do have enormous needs in better talent management and especially the topic of talent analytics has been neglected so far:

“Talent analytics is the foundation of all talent management initiatives. The most important talent management trends can be implemented, as they are fuelled by talent analytics. We would hope talent analytics would be mainstream by now, but unfortunately many organisations are still exploring the possibilities to use talent analytics.” (Tom Haak, talent management trends 2018 in: Zukunft Personal, September 2017)

Talent management could be and should be the answer from business to challenges of definition of competences, knowledge and skills, attitudes of persons, competences gathered through informal or non-formal learning, learning outcomes gained etc. With the approach of talent management (covering the whole process from talent identification, talent planning, talent development, talent evaluation) businesses could reflect and cover the concepts and results/achievements from the education (mainly VET) systems

Our European project partnership
performs an investigation research to find out about the current status of talent management practices and training needs of SMEs
collects available talent management tools and instruments for important Talent Management processes of SMEs and
finally develops and tests a special Talent Management training programme for HR responsibles, business owners and managers.

Project Outputs:

Internationale Projekte
IO1:Investigation research:
talent management with special focus on digital skills (4.0)
IO2: Development of a tool box for talent management 4.0 for SMEs
IO3 Development of a training curricula Talent 4.0


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Project Information:

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